BlackHole Bowls – Development and Process – Part 5

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The time it takes a lonely developer – my little rant

I know that this is something that I’ve heard a number of times, but really working a game is such a lengthy process. When I started this process I decided that I wanted to create a quality game and not just publish for the sake of publishing. However, being the only person working on this project and working a full-time job it’s a hard road. I also have the title of learner, so the process is slower, but I do wonder if everyone is always on a learning curve. I must say I have high standards and attention to detail, I just can’t let things go without review and fine tuning.

Saying this, BlackHole Bowls has filled me with a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the process of developing games.

Even though, the project at times feels like a blackHole, I have loved the process but do feel a little lonely sometimes. 😦


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